What Are Women Squirting Anyway?

They have hardly any semen to spread, right?

This rather intellectual question interested me for some time now and I’ve looked into several studies. The most interesting thing to me is that many scientists still have no clue what and why women squirt in the first place. Well, probalby scientist don’t get laid that well either (have I succeeded in offending any browsing scientist?:-) )

What we do know is that “Squirt Juice” is ejaculated from the urethra and/or the paraurethral ducts and consists of ”

  • glucose (a natural sugar) and fructose (another natural sugar, also found in the prostatic fluid of semen)
  • prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a protein in male ejaculate produced by the prostate gland, and in females, believed to be generated by Skene’s glands
  • very low levels of creatinine and urea (the two primary chemical markers of urine, found in high levels in pre- and post-ejaculatory urinalysis). “

(Thanks Wikipedia!)

But we are very sure that it is certainly not pee. Female ejaculate, just like male’s, is a clear fluid and may contain traces of urine but is hardly the same.

(Click here to go to the Main Article on How to Squirt)

3 Responses to What Are Women Squirting Anyway?

  1. puikcu says:

    I live in thailand and interest to know how to help women squirt. Please tell me for free lesson. Thank you verymuch

  2. Amy says:

    Ive tried everything you listed and wathced the video you posted as well as other videos, i can cum this way however it doesnt squirt like ive seen done even when i push also from what i have heard femelas say it is susposed to feel better then an orgasim but i cant really feel it. I can feel when it happens and can tell but it doesnt feel like an orgasim at all. I get the sensation of having to pee befor it happens and i do the push method.. only way i can descirbe it is like poping a balloon just flows out with no feel good sensations accompanied with it. Am i doing something wrong?? Do you have any sugestions? Thank you for your time

  3. Tino says:

    Amy, the way you describe it seems to me like you attempted to squirt alone … by yourself. I mentioned this in the main article and I will stress it again: Trying to get yourself to squirt without the help of a loving partner makes the whole thing exponentially more difficult.

    Now, I also said that having a partner that you respect and trust is just as important and I understand that not everyone is gifted with those circumstances. Still, it’s a fact worth mentioning twice.

    Concerning you and your lack of pleasure in the experience: When you had troubles being orgasmic for your whole life, squirting will not magically heal all of that instantly. It is a lot like “cleaning the pipes” for the first couple of times before it starts to feel better and better. Also, I’ll mention it again, a big part is now getting a strong heart connection flowing between you and your partner in the actual act of getting to the point of orgasm.

    You said you watched the video, with which you clearly meant the “instructional video” on youtube I blogged about in my other post. Well, I hate being hardselling this so much but honestly, this DVD that is featured on the right handsite is there for a reason. The two who made it really know what they are talking about. I suggest having a look into it since it saved me a lot of headaches. And if it didn’t help you, just get a full refund … I mean what have you got to loose?

    Oh and saying that a real squirting feels better than your normal orgasm is an understatement. Like the sun is warm.

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