Found An Instructional Video For You

Now, have a look at this. I had a good laugh about the dramatic airy music in the background but anyway, the content is gold. I’m glad I found this. She nicely explains how to find your G-Spot which I have quite some trouble doing in text format.

Also very interesting to me is the pushing-out practice that I know from extended sexual orgasm training but never connected with squirting. Note that I never taught this pushing out to girls and the squirting still succeeded but it’s a great way of letting go of tension while ejaculating.

Remember: The more tension in your body, the less are the chances of succeeding to squirt and tension during the orgasm is something we don’t want at all.

Check it out! And thanks dear Jaiya.

Also check out this: How to make a Girl Squirt Video

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2 Responses to Found An Instructional Video For You

  1. Kat says:

    Hey there

    How do you mentally prepare yourself for it and how do you teach yourself that you are not going to P and just release? I get the feeling of wanting to P every time me and my boyfriend makes love but seem to not be able to release…

    Please help a lil’ 🙂

  2. Crystal says:

    Thanks for the tips. You are very inspiring.

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