This site is dedicated to improve the world’s sexual education. Since Sexuality was a repressed topic for a very long time there seems to be still much ignorance and misinformation going around considering the sexual nature of men and women

The “I” of this block means me, Tino Koß. I studied sexuality since 16 year old childhood and was always concerned with how I could become a better lover to women. Since that time I gained much knowledge about this topic. Extended Sexual Orgasms, ejaculatory, non-ejeculatory, deep throating, the G-Spot … you name it, I looked into it. One of the most amazing discoveries was the practice of giving women whole-body ejeculatory orgasms which seems to exponentially raise a womans ability to experience pleasure.

Now I’m even a bit jealous of women since I have yet to find a way for men to experience that much pleasure. But then again we don’t have an entire organ just dedicated for sexual pleasure like a woman’s clitoris, right?

Anyway, I’d like to invite you to send me any and all sexuality-related questions in my inbox so I can improve this blog as good as I can to suit your needs.

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